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Exploring Your Options Following a Probation Violation

Probation violations often result in prison time or other severe sanctions. And too often, prison sentences are seen as the only solution when a defendant has violated the terms of probation. If you have been accused of violating your probation, it is critical for you to work with a competent and confident attorney — an experienced professional who can communicate well with judges, prosecutors and probation officers while seeking innovative solutions for your probation violation.

At the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC, in Lee's Summit, Missouri, we can help you find these innovative solutions while proposing reasonable alternatives to prison if you have been charged with a probation violation.

Reasons for a Violation of Probation Allegation

We understand that it can be all too easy to allegedly violate probation. Some people fail to meet probation requirements in time. Others run into people, places and things, which can lead to behavior that is prohibited while on probation. Our Missouri law firm handles probation violations cases related to many different factors, including the ones listed below:

  • Failure to pay restitution, fines or court costs
  • Failure to complete community service
  • Not meeting with your probation officer as scheduled
  • Leaving the jurisdiction
  • Failing a drug test
  • Being arrested on a new law violation

Consequences of Probation Violation

Each situation is different. The consequences of a probation violation vary and are based on many different factors. Judges and prosecutors determine what will happen to you, depending on the nature of the alleged probation violation and the seriousness of the behavior that supposedly occurred. They may also consider other circumstances that surrounded the probation violation, as well as whether the violation supposedly happened at the beginning, middle or end of the probation term.

It is your lawyer's job to help courts consider the factors in a way most favorable to your case. As an experienced lawyer and zealous advocate, attorney Gerald Wayne Furnell can talk with prosecutors, probation officers (POs) and judges about your probation violation case to help them make the right decisions.

If you think that you're in violation of probation or parole — or if there is a warrant out for your arrest — and you don't know what to do, call our law firm first at 866-678-0183. We can arrange for you to turn yourself in with a lawyer's help so that your rights are protected.

Contact an Independence, Missouri, Attorney Regarding a Failed Drug Test

To learn more about probation and parole violations, we suggest that you call us for a free and confidential consultation. To schedule a talk with an experienced attorney, contact the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC, at 816-554-3311.

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