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Many people are under the impression that sex crime charges are so serious that few or no criminal defense options exist. This is not always true. Don't let misconceptions stand in your way. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense lawyer may help you understand what specific options exist in your case.

At the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC, we provide experienced and aggressive defense of sex crimes to clients in Missouri. Please contact a Lee's Summit sex offenses lawyer from our firm today to learn how we can help.

Sex Crimes Defense

Former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney Gerald W. Furnell defends clients in Missouri who have been charged with the following sex offenses:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Date rape
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography

The effects of a sex crime conviction can be far-reaching. Besides the criminal penalties such as fines, probation and prison time, an individual who is convicted of a sex crime will likely have to register on the Missouri Sex Offender Registry. Additionally, the stigma of a conviction can affect everything from family relationships to getting a job. Acting quickly and seeking representation from an experienced lawyer is your first step in pursuing the most favorable outcome in your case.

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