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Contractors have such specialized knowledge that they practically speak their own language. When a legal matter arises during planning or construction, it is critical for them to turn to a lawyer who also speaks this language — someone who knows the critical issues that must be addressed before development can continue.

At the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC, we have used this knowledge to help our clients — including developers, contractors, subcontractors, landlords, tenants and homeowners — achieve the best possible results in matters of Missouri real estate law.

A Former Real Estate Developer Turned Lawyer

Before becoming an attorney, Gerald Wayne Furnell was a real estate developer and general contractor who focused his work on residential and commercial subdivision development. Mr. Furnell completed many large-scale projects throughout Missouri and Florida. As a lawyer in private practice, he continues to help promote development through resolution of commercial and residential real estate matters.

With experience in construction as well as the law, Mr. Furnell reads blueprints, understands plats, surveys and construction drawings so that clients do not have to spend valuable time explaining the issue.

When a real estate matter affects your business, just show our Kansas City area law firm the problem. We will understand what you're talking about and can tell you quickly if you have a case. Our focus is on determining the best course of action and guiding you through that course so that you achieve the results you deserve quickly and effectively.

Our law firm handles a wide range of matters, including:

  • Land use and zoning issues
  • Development planning/compliance with Missouri planning and land use guidelines
  • Obtaining the proper permits
  • Drafting and review of homeowners association documents
  • Drafting and review of covenants and restrictions for subdivisions
  • Landlord/tenant matters (evictions, unlawful detainer, leases, leases with options to buy)
  • Construction defects
  • Boundary disputes
  • Easements
  • Real estate transactions including drafting documents for new loans
  • Real estate sales/sales contracts
  • Deeds of trusts
  • Mortgages

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Talking with a lawyer before you purchase that piece of real estate, begin construction on your home or lease that commercial space is the best way to avoid problems going forward. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with an experienced attorney and forceful advocate, contact the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC, at 816-554-3311.

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