What to bring to your Bankruptcy Interview

1. Completed Questionnaire and all documents supporting your answers.

2. Last six (6) months of current pay stubs with year-to-date income. You will be required to continue to provide any additional pay stubs received until case is filed with the court.

3. Employer's name, address, telephone number and how long you have been employed.

4. Deeds to real estate, Copy of signed Deed of Trust, or Copy of signed Lease Agreement.

5. Provide the Original Title for each motor vehicle or trailer you own.

6 Bank Statement for each bank account in your name. List all bank accounts, including account number, closed within the last year.

7. Most recent retirement account statement (IRA, 401k, 403b, Pension, Roth IRA, etc).

8. List of Household Goods and their value (use garage sale or auction prices).

9. List of all Lawsuits, Judgments, Garnishments.

10. List all Repossessions, Foreclosures within the last year.

11. All addresses at which you have lived in the last two years.

12. A Monthly Budget - include average amount spent on rent/house payment, food, utilities, insurance, medical transportation, gasoline, car payments, child support, etc.

13. List of all Debts, including copies of loan papers, payment books, most recent statement. Include creditor address, account number, amount owed, date debt was incurred, notices from collection agencies or attorneys.

14. List of all Assets.

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