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When the police get a call of domestic disturbance or abuse, it is their duty to investigate the matter. Law enforcement is often called in the heat of an argument. Sadly, police at the scene often make an arrest — even if the caller never intended to start a criminal process.

If you have been arrested for domestic abuse, speak to a Lee's Summit domestic violence attorney at the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC. We know how to effectively address domestic violence charges.

The Effects of a Domestic Violence Conviction

Domestic abuse is a serious accusation. People who are convicted often find that their lives are changed forever. With a criminal record, they may have trouble getting jobs, renting apartments or gaining approval to carry firearms. They also face the stigma of being labeled guilty of spousal abuse.

Our law firm works hard to protect your rights after a domestic assault arrest. Acting quickly, we aim to reduce the consequences you face. This may include having charges dropped or reduced to lesser charges. It can also include having our clients found not guilty at trial in Missouri courts.

Using years of criminal defense experience, we also offer representation at hearings related to ex parte and full orders of protection, as well as representation related to alleged violations of restraining orders.

Domestic Violence Accusations During Family Law Proceedings

Accusations of spousal abuse are often unfounded. In fact, they are sometimes used to gain leverage in family law proceedings. Unhappy parents occasionally accuse each other of physical or sexual abuse, hoping that the domestic violence accusations will lead to the denial of child custody in a divorce or paternity situation. As a law firm that handles both criminal defense and family law matters, we are well equipped to effectively protect your rights when you face accusations of domestic assault or other violent crimes in a family setting.

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