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At the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC, near Kansas City, we represent mothers and fathers throughout Missouri in paternity matters. To do so, we use years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Missouri family law.

Many of the people we represent are surprised to discover that just because both parents' names are on the birth certificate does not mean that both parents have the same rights to the child. If parents are not married, the father's name on the birth certificate is just a presumption that he is the father until the court has established paternity through the legal process.

Unfortunately, too many parents believe that listing the father's name is all that is required. This is not true. While each case is different, paternity determinations can often involve a full range of issues. From contested paternity cases that involve DNA tests to child custody and visitation or child support determinations, our law firm is well equipped to handle the matters that affect your family.

Child Custody in Paternity Matters

Under Missouri law, child custody in a paternity matter is determined much the same way as child custody is determined in a divorce. Courts consider the best interests of the child. To do so, they weigh many different factors that are set out by statute. These include the age of the child and his or her relationship with each parent. Courts give weight to the situation the child is used to and aim to involve both parents as much as possible while ensuring that the child remains happy and healthy.

The law does not prefer mothers over fathers. However, because of the way many family dynamics work, children are often raised by their mothers. Strong bonds naturally develop between the two as mothers care for their children's daily needs. As a result, many fathers face an uphill battle in child custody actions. They must work with an experienced and knowledgeable fathers' rights attorney in order to achieve favorable outcomes.

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