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It's a fact of life: Families rarely stay the same. Children grow, and their needs change. Parents' needs change as well. They remarry or take new jobs in other cities or states. In Missouri, the law recognizes this. It allows parties subject to an existing court order — such as a divorce or paternity agreement — to return to court to modify those orders.

The law also provides a way for parties to enforce existing court orders if they are not being followed. This is often the case in matters of child custody and visitation, child support or alimony. The party that is found to have failed to follow the order is said to be in "contempt of court."

At the Law Offices of Gerald W. Furnell, LLC, in the Kansas City area, we represent people throughout Missouri in matters of modification and contempt. Attorney Gerald Wayne Furnell is an experienced advocate who is dedicated to delivering personal attention and forceful, effective representation in family law matters.

Relocation — Moving Out of Missouri

Missouri has a relocation statute that limits or restricts the relocation of a parent who has primary custody of their children as ordered by the courts. This statute is built into every divorce decree and prevents the custodial parent from moving out of state without permission from the other parent. In order to get permission, parties must often appear before the judge at a hearing. It is possible for a non-custodial parent who opposes the move to fight back — especially if that parent feels that the move will negatively affect the relationship with his or her children.

Each case is different, and our law firm represents families in many different situations. We often protect fathers' rights in relocation, enforcement and modification cases. Too often, fathers are accused of being "deadbeat dads" when this is not the case.

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